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Sports Gear

50 Pound Adjustable Weight Strength Weighted Training Vest
Overdrive Sports Gear
50 Pound Adjustable Weight Strength Weighted Training Vest
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50lb Weighted Weight Training Vest

A weighted vest can be a valuable tool for strength and endurance training! Weighted vests are commonly used by professional athletes to improve their strength and endurance. Whether you are a football player, MMA fighter, runner or baseball player, our Weight Vests will dramatically improve your strength and endurance.

You can increase the level of intensity during exercise by incorporating a weighted vest into weight loss training, aerobic conditioning, cardio training, circuit training, jump training and more.The 40 and 50 Pound vests are fastened by Velcro as pictured, and they are adjustable to fit a variety of body weights and heights.

The convenience of our weight vests is that you can train almost any where. Simply put the weight vest on and adjust the weight to your desired Resistance and go. Some customers wear these vests while walking their dogs, cleaning their houses or doing yard work. Our weighted vest turns any daily activity into a workout. There are no more excuses for not meeting your weight loss and strength goals now!

This weighted vest is adjustable both in weight and to fit the size of your body. The adjustable weight makes it possible for you to use progressive resistance in your exercise training program. This progression is exactly the same style progression that is used in weight training. If you build up to a heavier weight and the time performing the exercise is the same, you have improved your strength and performance. This is the purpose the our Weight training vests, to drastically increase your cardiovascular system's stamina and your muscular endurance and strength.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the addition of our Weighted Vests into your workout program!

  • 50lb Adjustable Weight

  • Adjustable Size

  • Burn more calories while walking, running or any training

  • High quality nylon construction

  • Wear anywhere, turn daily activities into a calorie burning workout!

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