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Remote Control Parking Spot Barrier Gate Barricade
Denver Wheel Boot Lock
Remote Control Parking Spot Barrier Gate Barricade
Retail $499.99
Your Price $79.99
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We're sorry! This item is discontinued.

Remote Control Parking Spot Barrier Gate Barricade

his is an excellent tool to prevent parking in unassigned areas at your office, apartment complex, school, etc. Description: Crashproof Function: The Flexible board can bear a car's mistake so that the parking barrier will not be damaged Waterproof function: The Slot Blocker's Waterproof design protects the electronic parts, it can even work soaking in the water for a short time. Overload Protection function: When the Slot Blocker meets an obstacle during the rising process it can respond automatically, This avoids hurting the car because of operational mistakes.

Theftproof function: The Slot Blocker has a double theftproof function! When the machine is subjected to outside force especially lawless dismantle it will report to the police function automatically; and rises the Slot Blocker, then carrying out the function of guarding against theft to the vehicle.

Emergency Function: Manual Operation Emergency Function in case of no power or failure. AC power and DC power compatible. Dimensions: 28 inches x 7 inches x 4 inches Operation Environment: -20 degrees to 50 degrees C Operation Power : DC 12V Height after descending: 3.25 inches Height after ascending : 11.75 inches Distance of remote control : up to 65 feet Time for ascending and descending : up to 7 seconds

  • 1 x Main Body

  • 1 x Manual Crank

  • 1 x Storage battery

  • 1 x Charger

  • 2 x Key

  • 2 x Remote Control

  • 4 x Expansion screw

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