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Motorcycle Trailer Hitch Tow Dolly Carrier scooter ramp
Motorcycle Trailer Hitch Tow Dolly Carrier scooter ramp
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We're sorry! This item is discontinued.




New In Box! 


Tired of having to store a huge trailer?


Tired of having to maintain a trailer?


Tired of horrible gas milage pulling a huge trailer?


Tired of having someone follow you to the cycle shop everytime you have to drop it off? 


If you answered yes, then you may appreciate the motorcycle tow dolly.  It is designed to pull your motorcycle without the use of a cumbersome trailer.  The tow dolly is easy to store with practicaly no maintanence. 


Each has a wheel ratchet strap included that attaches to the frame of the tow dolly (2-4 additional ratchet straps will be required).  We also include a T-Bar that allows additonal areas to tie your stabilizer straps to.


Designed to slide into any 2x2" trailer hitch receiver.


Locking pin included! 


Loading Ramp Kit Included


  • Attaches to a 2x6" board that is not supplied



Strong Steel Construction


Black Powder Coat


Installs/ Uninstalls Within A Few Seconds


Lightweight & easy to handle 


The T-Bar and ratchet straps are bolted onto the dolly.  All other pieces are welded!





General Use Directions: Your first few times have a helper assist you Park allowing room to load your cycle Prepare the tow dolly: insert the tow dolly into your trailer hitch receiver, install locking pin, ensure 8-10" maximum wheel height, prepare/connect your ratchet straps to the widest points of the frame of your vehicle (leaving the opposite strap ends where you can reach them from your motorcycle)(do not use the hitch receiver chain loops since they are located at the frames widest points), and attach the 2x6" ramp. Either push or idle the cycle up the ramp and onto the dolly. Hopefully, you remembered to leave the straps within reach or are using a helper? Attach the handle bar 2-3" stabilizer straps snug, attach the wheel strap tightly, we recommend adding 2 more stabilizer straps. Ensure all are tight, remove the ramp. Place your motorcycle into neutral, turn your ignition off, do not lock steering, remove key. Consider removing chain/ belt (or partially remove and tie off with zip tie)(ask your dealer if this is necessary to remove the chain with your model). When possible make wide turns and avoid tight U turns as you would when pulling a short tongue small trailer. Frequently Asked Questions: 1. Do I need to remove the chain? Always tow with the cycle in neutral. When towing some models on the rear wheel and with the engine off, there is the chance the shaft and shift forks could run dry. So you may like to remove the chain. You can peel the chain away from the rear sprocket, and zip tie it to the side. This prevents you from having to pull the chain completely off. Others have been towing chain/shaft on by simply adding more oil to the crankcase. Once they reached their destinatiion, they drain off the excess oil. In summary, it never hurts to remove the chain and it may be necessary to remove pending the brand of motorcycle. Please check with your dealer and use good judgement. 2. Will this wear out the tire? There is minimal wear on the rear tire since there is minimal weight (you and about half your bike's weight are not on the rear tire when towing) and there is no accelerationg or braking from the bike's rear tire. 3. Are lights required? Most states do not require towing lights if your rear tail lights and signals are clearly visible-which should be the case. The Motorcycle Tow Dolly consist of a Solid Non-Hinged Tongue. If properly used, it is Federal CFR Title 49, Sec 393.70 compliant. However, please check with your states department of safety to ensure they are not required prior to using or add lights. 4. While towing will there be milage registered on the odometer? The odometer should not add any miles when towing with the ignition off. 5. Will the straps bend the handlebars? Most cycle handle bars are designed to withstand several hundred pounds of pressure. The straps require 60-100 pounds of tension to keep the bike stable. And we recommend strapping near a T section of the handle bar to prevent the strap from slipping and to allow strapping at the handle bars stonger points. We also recommend using additonal straps directly to the frame. 6. My truck is lifted, will this be a problem? The recommended height of your motorcycle's front wheel is 8-10". If your hitch receiver is higher, you may look into using an lowering adaptor available at most auto part stores or have one custom made at your local weld shop. 7. Will my honda accord pull my HD? Your car will pull the motorcycle easily with a 2x2" receiver. Most cars also have several frame/unibody tow strap attachments under the car. Attach to the widest points possible to allow for more stability. 8. Will my bike lean when towing? The tow dolly is not hinged meaning the bike chassis castors behind the pulling vehicle. The stearing head is the hinge point. As you make turns, the bike will naturally lean. However, as when pulling a trailer, avoid sharp turns or backing up. The same rules would apply when towing a short tongue small trailer.  9. What is the maxium weight capacity?  The maximum weight capacity that rests onto the tow dolly is not to exceed 450 pounds. Most of the motorcycle's weight usually rests on the rear tire; however, you need to ensure the front tire's weight does not exceed the maxium load capacity of the tow dolly.


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