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Drywall Lift Hoist Jack Panel Sheetrock 11-15'
Drywall Lift Hoist Jack Panel Sheetrock 11-15'
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Drywall Lift Hoist Jack Panel Sheetrock 11-15'    Drywall Lift Hoist Jack Panel Sheetrock 11-15'    Drywall Lift Hoist Jack Panel Sheetrock 11-15'    
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Drywall Lift Hoist Jack Panel Sheetrock 11-15'

Our Drywall Lift Hoists allow you to lift and manuver heavy pieces of drywall sheet rock by yourself. As you know mounting drywall is nearly impossible without the help of others. This drywall lift will Increase your productivitiy and will help you finish the job on time! The Drywall Hoist can mount drywall up 11' high ceilings and can mount drywall up to 15' walls. This drywall lift provides a safe solution to handling and mounting drywall.

As a contractor, painter, or drywaller your primary concerns are getting the job done on time and done safely and correctly. The Prohoists Drywall Lift  will assist you in accomplishing both of these. You will be able to mount drywall completely by yourself and the drywall will be mounted with complete accuracy due to the drywall lift holding the weight.


Product Specifications

  •  Securely Lifts up to 150lbs

  • Allows you to mount and lift drywall / sheetrock by yourself

  • Holds sheetrock drywall panels up to 4' x 16'

  • Locking Mechanism secures the drywall to the drywall lift for safety

  • Allows safe and easy installation of drywall and sheetrock to walls and ceilings

  • Lifts up to 11 Feet High for Ceiling installation

  • Lifts up to 15 Feet High for Wall installation, this is determined by adding the height of a 4' piece of drywall.




Ships In Over-sized Box- No p.o. boxes please

Our packaging includes protective inserts and each is double boxed!

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